Hey! I am April Bautista. Welcome to my landing space! I am a 200HR Certified Yoga Guide, Essential Oils Distributor/Educator, and all around Wild + Free Boho Wellness Warrior mama. I am also a Natural Light Photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am a Southern California born, Bare-foot, Desert raised girl. With wild hair, wild ideas and here for a wild ride; Who just happens to be obsessed with all things Wellness related. I grew up in a small home with my mother and 10 children, my mom called herself a Gypsy because that was honestly the best way to describe her. As a child growing up with a huge family, we learned minimalism at a young age (although its quite trendy today). We also learned how to eat pretty healthy as with a family so large, everything was scratch made, and sometimes came out of our own backyard!

In my 20s, I found myself veering away from eating a healthier diet and becoming obsessed with the standard American diet only to find myself feeling awful, sluggish sick and sleepy. I guess my body just wasn't used to eating fast and processed food on a daily basis. Fast-forward a decade and a half and I went back to my roots and even further! I have been playing in the kitchen ever since, creating new healthy meals for my family, learning new ways to change how we live by switching over to a more toxin-free lifestyle, started practicing Yoga in 2012 and then found Essential Oils as a way of natural support on an emotional and physical level. My life has completely changed. In 2017, I decided to become Yoga Certified instructor after discovering the benefits! Now I teach Yoga and am able to share it with others, and this makes my cup run over!

I provide Yoga Instruction (classes + private sessions), Yoga & Essential Oils workshops, Self-Care workshops, Essential Oils education, and healthy meal planning/prepping guidance. Feel free to reach out for more information


April Bautista,